am currently not working on any Links 2003 course designs. The version of Cypress Point I had started has been shelved. I was contacted in January of 2003 by an APCD designer who mentioned he was also working on Cypress Point. I asked whether he was interested in working on the project as a co-design, but he wasn't. I really didn't see any reason to continue working on a recreation of a course someone else was doing as well. It seemed like what little time I had for course designing could be better spent elsewhere. Therefore, I sent him what custom art I had created for Cypress Point and copies of what resources I had to use if he wanted. (The APCD designer wanted to remain anonymous until the course's release.) I don't believe his version of Cypress Point has been released yet, but if/when it is, I'll provide a link here to download it.

At this point, it remains to be seen whether Microsoft plans on continuing the Links series of golf games. If they decide to move the PC version into total 3D graphic like they did for Links 2004, which only was released for the XBox, I'll certainly take another look at the APCD and consider doing some new course designs for it.