live in Melbourne, Florida with my wonderful wife Leslie. We have three sons, along with a cat and dog. Both Leslie and I are graphic designers and I work for local printing company, while Leslie works from home doing freelance design. I have been enjoying the hobby of golf course design ever since Accolade released Mean 18 in the late 1980ís. I have been playing real golf (though not too well) since I was around 9 or so. I guess my interest in art and design, as well as golf, logically led to a love of course architecture. Some other hobbies I enjoy include playing various games, using graphics applications, listening to music, and just spending time at home. I had the privilege of working with Scott Chesney on the courses included with Jack Nicklaus 6. I also created golf courses that were included with PGA 2000 and CustomPlay Golf.

The picture to the right of Jack Nicklaus and myself was taken in October 1998 after the recording session Jack did for JN6. Since Golden Bear International is located in West Palm Beach, about two hours south of where I live, Mike Franco was kind enough to ask if I wanted to attend. He didn't have to ask twice. It was a very enjoyable day, meeting Jack and getting to spend a little time with some of his golf course architects. We even got to watch John Glenn return to space from Jack's office balcony.