am currently working on a co-design project between Ken McHale, Steve Opfer and myself. The course is set along the coast of Georgia and features some parkland holes, some holes with exposed sandy dunes areas, and a marshy section of the course. It started out with a landplot that Steve put together to give the course some initial elevations. He then did a basic routing of the course using the landplot as a guide. Ken then assigned which holes each of us would be working on. Each of us have designed six holes.

The course design is very close to being completed. All that remains is tweaking some object placements and doing extensive playtesting. Cherokee Rose is still in the TW2003 format at the moment as we put the finishing touches on it. We still need to determine which versions of Tiger Woods for which it will be released. Below are some screenshots from TW2003. Click on any of the thumbnails to open a full-sized screenshots: