eartooth Pass was originally created for PGA 2000 and was published by Sierra for their Titanium Edition. This Tiger Woods 2004 course is a conversion of the PGA 2000 version, with a few alterations made on some holes. Beartooth Pass is set in the mountains of Montana and the course features large elevation changes, scenic views, and strategic hole designs. Most holes provide multiple options off the tee, challenging players of all skill levels. Some of the highlights include a creek that cuts through a number of holes and natural grassy hazards that protect some key shots. See the following two pages for details on each hole. I'd like to thank Bill Permenter for allowing me to use photos he took from Montana for the objects and panorama. I really think they were invaluable to the course.

Below are screenshots from Beartooth Pass and you can click on a thumbnail to open a full-sized version in a new window.

You can download the Beartooth Pass from the Tiger Woods Community:

Beartooth_Pass.zip (40.8MB)

Required libraries:

Beartooth_Pass_Panorama.zip (3MB)
Beartooth_Pass_Structures.zip (1MB)

Remember that you will need WinZip or an equivalent decompression utility to unzip the file(s).